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How Rotating Bezels Actually Work

Sure, rotating bezels look great. With a variety of colors and beautiful complications painted and ingrained into their surfaces, they add awesome aesthetic appeal. However, chances are that half the people who own a luxury replica watches with a rotating bezel don't actually know all that much about them.

Rotating bezels are designed to help measure everything from dive times to regatta races ?granted, the later is not a feature you're bound to use daily. Nonetheless, we think you should understand how rotating bezels work and how to properly use them. So, let's get started!

The rotating bezel on the Replica Rolex GMT-Master is marked with a 24-hour scale, which allows it to be used to reference a second time zone.

The Basics

In the vast majority of instances, the bezel is entirely separate from your watch's movement. A bezel is the outer ring of metal ?sometimes ceramic ?that surrounds the face of your fake watch and its crystal. Since it is located outside of the watch, it allows the primary functionality of the timepiece to stay the same while still allowing the wearer to reference something other than just the hours, minutes, and seconds of the day. Like we mentioned above, rotating bezels are used for everything from timing deep dives to displaying secondary time zones, to even configuring countdown timers for boat races.

The rotating, red and blue "Pepsi?bezel on the latest Replica Rolex GMT-Master II ref. 126710 is constructed from Replica Rolex's proprietary ceramic material.

There are also three types of rotating bezels:

Bidirectional As the name suggests, bidirectional rotating bezels can be turned both clockwise and counterclockwise. This allows the wearer to quickly calculate how much time has elapsed or how much time is remaining. Additionally, some bidirectional bezels are marked with hours rather than a minute scale, which allows them to be used to display an additional time zone, rather than as a rudimentary timer. UnidirectionalUnidirectional rotating bezels can only be moved in one direction ?usually counterclockwise. However, this is strictly a safety feature, rather than a lack of versatility. The unidirectional movement guarantees that if the bezel gets accidentally moved or knocked out of place, it will only display that more time has elapsed, rather than less ?which is especially useful while scuba diving. Ring CommandRing Command bezels are something that is exclusive to Replica Rolex watches, although a similar concept can be found on timepieces from other manufacturers. Although they are still located on the outside of the case, Ring Command bezels are actually connected to the internal movements of their respective watches, and allow for additional adjustment and setting positions without the need for additional buttons, pushers, or crown positions.

The Ring Command bezel on the Replica Rolex Yacht-Master II is linked to its internal movement, which allows it to be used to set the watch's adjustable countdown timer.

The Inner workings

Underneath the handsome ceramic or metal bezel, there are usually a number of different parts that connect it to a fake watch and provide it with is motion and functionality. Depending on the type of bezel and the features that it offers, these parts can range from small leaf springs to specialized washers, and can significantly differ from one fake watch to the next ?even if the bezels on the two replica watches offer identical functionality.

Traditionally, it has often been small springs that provide rotating bezels with their ratcheting action and unidirectional motion; however on the most recent incarnation of the Replica Rolex Submariner ?the version with a ceramic bezel insert, this system has been replaced by 4 spring-loaded rollers, one of which is angled on top to prevent clockwise motion.

Older Replica Rolex Submariner replica watches were fitted with bidirectional bezels; however the latest models all have unidirectional bezels as an added safety measure.

Measuring time with Rotating Bezels

Measuring time with a rotating bezel is actually a lot easier than you might suspect ?it just requires a little bit of knowledge about how they are intended to work. With a unidirectional bezel, you simply spin the bezel counterclockwise so that you can count elapsed time ?like how much time you have spent submerged while diving. The added assurance that the bezel can only move one way means that even if you do manage to knock it out of place, it will only ever appear as though you spent more time underwater, not less (which could potentially be a fatal mistake).

On the other hand, a bidirectional rotating bezel moves both ways, allowing you to either track the amount of elapsed time or count down from a set time (up to 60 minutes). Simply rotate the bezel clockwise or counter clockwise, aligning either the 0-minute marker or the desired minute value indicator (if using it as a countdown timer) with the minute hand of your watch, when you are ready to start measuring the time ?simple as that!

The bi-directional rotating timing bezel on the Replica Rolex Yacht-Master can be used to time events up to 1 hour in duration.

Lastly, there are those tricky Ring Command bezels. These require a bit more effort to properly figure out since each will function differently depending on the additional features offered by their respective watches. At the present time, Replica Rolex only fits the Ring Command bezel on the two most complex replica watches in their catalog, and in each instance, the bezel both looks and functions differently.

On the Replica Rolex Yacht-Master II, the Ring Command bezel is marked with a prominent 0-10 scale, and is used for setting the watch's adjustable regatta timer for use either before or during a boat race. However, the Ring Command bezel on the Sky-Dweller is of Replica Rolex's traditional fluted design, and is not used for measuring time at all, but rather it is used in conjunction with the winding crown to permit facilitated adjustment of the annual calendar complication on the Caliber 9001 movement.

At the present time, the Yacht-Master II and Sky-Dweller are the only Replica Rolex replica watches that are fitted with Rind Command bezels.

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